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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  April 11, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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here in danville and across the street are the church offices. the pastor here told parishioners yesterday that a quote "staggering amount of money from donations with a embezzled" as police el tell us today they have just about concluded their investigation. after a more than 6-month investigation danville police chief steve symptom happen skins told us he expects the investigators to turn the case over to the contra costa county district attorney as soon as this week. they tell channel 2 multiple people appear to be involved in a complex scheme that netted hundreds of thousands of dollars in church donations over a period of several years. and sources say one of the central figures in the investigation is a trusted former church employee who worked in the office. we're not revealing that person's name because no charges have been filed but most of the members of st. it door seem to know who it is. >> i mean i lost her. i thought she was great. you never a million years think that that would be happening with her.
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>> reporter: channel 2 first reported on the alleged 'em beds willment last september when the investigation began after church officials contacted authorities with irregular financial transirregularities, that includes forging signatures, improper electronic fund signatures and unauthorized credit card use. we spoke to church members. >> i feel sorry for that person, it doesn't do anything to me as far as my faith. >> doing anything especially from anyone, god, i mean the fear of god alone, that would just -- >> reporter: police chief symptom skins told me it appears that those who embezzled the church donations used the money not for charity as intended but for personal use. the church says it now has receive guards in place so nothing like this ever happens again. reporting live in danville, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. the first pitch is now just
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an hour and 15 minutes away and the crowds are gathering at at&t park way to watch the giants take on the dodgers for the first time since bay area fan was attacked and critically injured at dodger stadium. kristin kva on the is live in san francisco with more on the security managers being implemented. christian? >> in the last hour we have moved around over to the 2nd street entrance. you can see fans streaming into the ball park. giant and dodger fans both told me they are hoping for a peaceful night tonight but in the last half hour we shot some video of san francisco police briefly detaining someone, they say they were detaining him because he was harassing fans. that proves security is high inside and outside the stadium. outside the ball park dodger and giants fans partied together hoping to diffuse the tensions that led to violence in los angeles. >> i expect walking to giant stadium wearing dodger blue i'm going to get picked on, but to
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get beat up in a parking lot. >> not is going to happen, if it does it won't be giants fans, it will be some thug looking for something. >> reporter: george koster reviewed security plans. >> they are in town, an intense rivalry, in view of what happened last week you to have consider that as part of the overall equation. >> reporter: the giants have boosted security inside the ball park following the beating of giants fan brian stow. is insurance thabeeting took place in a parking lot outside dodger stadium security is also high outside at&t park. >> we'll have an increased presence on the inside and outside of the stadium. >> reporter: the giants are dedicating tonight's game to stow and his fellow emt's will be collecting money to help donate to his medical costs. >> there is no amount too little or great obviously for what he will be facing in the days and weeks ahead. >> reporter: you can see some of that heightened police presence out here right now. this afternoon sfpd confirmed
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security will be high, as high as it was during the world series, that means that 3rd street and some of the other 'roids around at&t t park will be closed in an effort to control the crowd and keep fans of both teams safe. christian kva on the, ktvu news. >> our "gameday" coverage continues. joe fonzi will join us live with a preview of tonight's hatch up. >> people in the l.a. area got a chance today to help brian stow's family pay for hospital bills. stow's employer, american medical response, helped organize a fundraiser at dodger stadium this morning that brought in more than $61,000. the company said a barbecue it held last week also raised $140,000. >> tonight brian stow remains in critical condition in hospital in los angeles. doctors say the father of two suffered a very serious skull fracture and may have suffered brain damage as well. stow is still in a medically induced coma. his attackers still have not been caught.
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here again are the sketches of the two men who police say took off after the attack in a vehicle driven by a female driver. the reward for information leading to their arrests has now grown to $150,000. has more information on how you can help the stow family, just click on the story under the bay area news tab. the monterey county coroner's office identified two nevada teenagers who died while scuba diving in monterey bay on saturday. 16-year-old stephen anderson and 17-year-old kegan iaze were on a scuba diving field trip with 17 other divers when they failed to resurface. autopsies were conducted but the cause of death won't be released until the investigation is completed. in antioch they are investigating a shooting tonight in broad daylight in what has become the city's most troubled neighborhood. a 23-year-old man was shot in the neck around 12:30 this afternoon while walking a dog in a park on mandarin way.
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it is the fourth shooting in a two-block stretch near sycamore drive in the past week. the victim made his way to a nearby garage where police found him. authorities say he is expected to survive. the recent shootings though have neighbors on edge. >> you don't even know how he got here, he doesn't even know who shot him. >> so far police have no suspects or a motive for that shooting. a group of homeless advocates are on their way to an abandoned building they plan to reclaim for people on the streets. we are live now with why they think this tactic is so necessary. david? >> reporter: just about 20 minutes ago two dozen or so advocates set out on a march through this district. let's take a look at some of the video from earlier. they are here this evening for an action they hope will highlight the plight of
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homeless. the group homes not jails says they plan to take over an abandoned building not far from here near dye visit eye dare oh and oh fairly streets, they say they have more than enough units to house the homeless population, they are going to march several blocks through the haight-ashbury district and occupy a building they say has been empty for a while. >> this is another way to dramatize that everything is a commodity, if you don't have money you don't deserve it. >> if it's a private building not a public building like a city-owned building we have to have a complaint from the owner of the building stating these people are occupying their building unlawfully. >> reporter: homes not jails members took over a mission district hotel building for one night last july. that squat ended when the owner authorized police toes scored them out. this year homes not jails says it want to also make a point about the city's recently enacted sit/lie law which they say criminalizes those on the
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streets. amber lee is following the protestors. she will bring you an update from the site of that squat coming up on the bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36. for now reporting live in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu news. we have an update on some breaking news we first brought you at 5:00. ya pan has raised their nuclear alert level from a 5 to a 7. we have learned the rayed level does not appear to be in response to any new developments including two big aftershocks, instead, officials say it is a procedural move. >> state public securities commission heard arguments today on the decision to fine pg&e $3 million, it would be for failing to turn over critical pipeline records. some say the penalty is too lenient. there is no word yet on when commissioners will vote. jurors in the barry bonds perjury trial today asked for a rereading of some key testimony.
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they listened as a court clerk read back testimony from bonds' former personal shopper and childhood friend cathy hoskins. she said she saw bonds personal trainer greg anderson inject bonds in his stomach. he is accused of lying to a grand jury when he said no one but his doctor ever injected him with anything. deliberations continue tomorrow. san francisco district attorney says his office has charged an unlicensed contractor of bilking homeowners and workers out of thousands of dollars. george gascone announced the arrest of danny hoe of san francisco. he took $30,000 from a homeowner, abandoned the job before completing the work, then failed to pay his day workers. gascone and state officials say this case is a lesson for consumers. >> homeowners should know that they have rights and employees that work for this contractor should know that they also have rights to be compensated. >> when you're hiring somebody to come into your house to do any kind of work, any job more
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than $500 in labor and materials, they are required to have a contractor's license. >> ho was arraigned today and is now being held on $300,000 bail. rumors are swirling that facebook is launching a facebooking network sight in china. they say they just signed an agreement with a chinese search engine. facebook has not yet confirmed this news. facebook is currently blocked in china. the department of energy is giving cal and stanford $25 million to developer, less expensive solar power systems. the universities have created a research team to develop and test new materials and processes for mass producing solar panels. they say they'll work with scientists at several facilities including the lawrence berkeley national laboratory. filling up is taking even more out of your pockets now. according to aaa the average price for regular gasoline is $3.76. of course here in the bay area it is much higher, gas is $4.21 a gallon on average in san
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francisco. in oakland $4.17, in san jose, $4.18. also today a tracking report of gas stations showed a two-month decline in demand as fewer people are filling up or did some less frequently. a lackluster day of trading on wall street. investors are worried rising fuel and food costs will cut into corporate earnings as companies prepare to announce their financials. the dow jones gained just a point, the nasdaq was off about 9 points. governor brown got an early morning wake-up call. a sprinkler broke at 5:30 this morning, triggering an alarm and evacuation. governor bonus lost is above that restaurant and just a couple of blocks away from the capital. the fire department says brown came down stairs to make sure there was no fire and then was quickly allowed back inside. medical marijuana workers in san jose may become union i've had as pot businesses
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fight for regulations and to stay open. that story coming up. changes at the parking meter. the one san francisco neighborhood where you can now linger longer. in a typical spring weather pattern which could produce a few showers as we roll into the mid-week. i'll havest details on that. go! go!
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efforts to allow four state lawmakers to carry concealed handguns inside the state capital building have been stalled. speaker ron perez has asked head of security to suspend it so he can review safety concerns. pro gun advocate tim donnelly argues there are increased risks at the capitol and that lawmakers should have the right to protect themselves. california voters say the punishment for drug possession
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should be more lenient. according to a new poll 72% of voters say having a small amount of illegal drugs for personal use should be a misdemeanor, not a felony, and the results transcend party lines. 56% say in general too many people are imprisoned in california for too long. san jose medical marijuana clubs are facing a drastic cut in their numbers. that's why today they joined forces with labor unions. we have more with why club owners and employees say this move will strengthen their business. robert? yoo we're outside one of the 125 can business clubs currently operating in san jose but after tomorrow's city council meeting there could be big changes in how many shops remain open and how they sell their medical marijuana. damian works at the all- american can business club in san jose and is excited about a plan by marijuana businesses to, as they put it, legit mice the industry by june onizing
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workers. >> i want to make sure that i am secure at a legitimate company basically and make sure my job is secure and because i have a family to raise. >> reporter: owner dave hostages says union provide credibility? they provide a set of standards that other industries have followed that we can use to guide the can business industry as it's developing. >> reporter: today hostages and the united food and commercial workers union and some community groups announced the found takings of the silicon valley cannabis coalition for sensibility and dignity. a group that plans to confront the city council. >> medical can business has become more corporate. it is also more important to have a conscience. >> reporter: they are worried they might limit the number to 10 and auction business licenses to the bidder. the only winner will be organized crime. >> they'll take out any mom and pop shop, however long they have been here, you're gonna invite crime. >> reporter: mayor chuck reed supports a 10-club limit and
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auctioning license. >> we're not going to just allow this to happen by chance but we'll prescreen people, drug dealers need not apply. >> reporter: the community will get to weigh in on the issue at tomorrow's afternoon city council meeting though some club owners say they believe this dispute will end up in court. live in san jose, robert honda, ktvu, channel 2 news. >> some grape growers in the south bay are heading to their vineyards to stamp out a month tentially costly pest.ure pea an graham vine moths were spotted in the napa area, they have spread to 9 other counties. >> the worms will actually tunnel through and feed on the berries and actually destroy the cluster and then mold and mildew gets in. >> at least 1 graham grower is settle to start spraying his fields tomorrow. park rangers in fremeont have a new tool to try to control the number of canada geese there. rangers say they are dipping new eggs in corn oil to suffocate the embree i don't say and then return the eggs to
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the nest so the mother good won't lay more. they say droppings from a burgeoning population of geese could threaten water quality at local lakes. we have had some nice weather around the bay area, we may be in for a few more sprinkles this week. let's check in with our chief meteorologist bill martin in the weather center. bill? >> a few sprinkles in the forecast. as you might expect for springtime. the system looks weak. we will get to that. outside, mild, cool, 62 in nap, a 59 at oakland. temperatures outside right now definitely on the mild side. we've got a forecast tonight that calls for some very cool overnight lows, we'll see temperatures into the upper 30s in the north bay valleys. partly sunny and mild, i think tomorrow we'll have temperatures back into the mid- 60s for most of us. the long range forecast is kind of clouds and mild and that shot of sprinkles on wednesday. maybe into wednesday night. the forecast overnight lows, specifically santa rosa the cold spot, 37, 43 in vallejo.
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when you head out to work, spring break for many kids in some areas, be prepared for mild daytime highs, back in the mid-60s, we'll go out in the pacific, here is a system i'm tracking, the system rolls in here, gets in here on wednesday, brings us clouds, maybe some sprinkles, maybe in the north bay, and it would be to the tune of 5/100ths to a 10 this of an inch. that's heels berg north into cloverdale. everybody else, a drizzle, and we'll notice cool and breezy. this time of year the systems get weaker. the days get longer, jet stream starts to go north, and these extra tropical storms as we call them, as these come in we get weaker and weaker. computer model verifies this. go through tomorrow, clear all day, mostly sunny. here comes that weather system. tuesday night the clouds increase, wednesday morning you see sprinkles up around santa rosa the morning commute dry
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for the most part. probably some drizzle at pacifica. the sunset district. muir beach up towards kalena a little bit of drizzle. no big deal. lunchtime mostly gone, after lunch some snow flurries up in the mountains, you get the idea. as of now a non-event, it should not be enough to cancel plans, outdoor plans if it is pe, pouring concrete, roofing, all that, you can get at on wednesday. we'll update the forecast to see if anything does change out there, your five-day forecast breaks out like this. the weekend always in view and the weekend is pretty darn good right now as we go through the next couple days. >> yoo it sure does. >> changes again. >> thank you. >> thank you bill. san francisco launched its new street parking program today in the marina district. parking rates will vary depending on demand for spots. the fewer spots on the block the more it will cost. you can park up to 4 hours instead of two. the new meeters will be rolled out in several other neighbors.
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supporters of a decades old gay bar in san francisco will be meeting to discuss strategies to keep it open. according to a facebook page it is set to close april 29th. the landlord doesn't want to sign a long term lease. the first pitch is less than an hour away now. and i'll have a matchup of the day's game between the giants and dodgers coming up at at&t park.
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organizers of outside lands user festival. top acts fish, muse, arcade fire and mgmt. this is video from last year's show, john fogarty and the roots are some of the other headliners for the event. it all begins february 14th to 28th in golden gate park, tickets go on sale this thursday. at at&t park. sorry about that. >> we'll also add you can see a complete list of the bands on our web site. look under the ktvu right now section. >> it all begins at at&t park in 45 seconds, doesn't get much better than that. >> you wanted to know if blair
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rezito still has his mustache. yes he does. get to the important stuff. the answer is yes. yes the dodgers are at at&t tonight, boy the giants might be in for it in that one of the pitchers for the dodgers really seems to have their number. it will be the first time they have scored on him in a long time if they do tonight. joe fonzi is out there, has the whole story for us. on the dodger/giants matchup. joe? >> reporter: the guys in blue taking batting practice behind me right now. the giants coming off a big weekend. opening day friday, ring ceremony, buster posey got his rookie of the year award sunday. they'd like to return to normal but there's nothing normal about the dodgers being in town. in addition to that the giants are gonna see a guy who shut them down in the season opener, they feel like they have a little bit of pay-back for l.a. who took three out of four in that opening round. bruce bochy knows his team needs to generate some offence. >> now they can get on their
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normal routine aren't we haven't scored off their pitch near two games, so we need to get this offense goin'. >> he has an electric fastball, can flip his curve ball, he is a competitor. when you get out there you are gonna be in for a battle and he is one of those guys that has got you know, he has got number 1 stuff, that's why he was their opening guy this year. >> he didn't throw -- he throw the ball well. he do his job. we have to make an adjustment there. now the second time we face him we'll make adjustments. >> reporter: a couple of other notes about tonight's game. juan uribe is back in the ball park for the first time in a dodger uniform. the giants will have a ceremony to give him his world series ring. also a couple of the players from each team will address the fans and remind them it's about baseball. it's the giants and the dodgers, reporting live from at&t park, joe fonzi, back to you mark. >> thanks joe.
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as always full highlights at 10:00. back in chicago the a's are trailing the white sox 1-0 and monta ellis sustained a grade 2 concussion in last night's game against sacramento. he is out for the final two games of the warriors' regular season, that's the sporting line for right now. back at 10:00. >> all right mark. thank you. in some circles it's the equivalent of a nobel prize. one bay area woman is among those being honored tonight at an awards ceremony in san francisco. see how she and several others all received $150,000 in 30 minutes on tv 36. that is our report for now. good night. >> good night.
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